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Why Would We Go To China?

The Largest Amusement Market In The World

With a Polercoaster and SkySpire projects developing around the U.S., we have started to expand our focus and efforts. The number of people that live, work and enjoy leisure activities in China is staggering. It's no wonder that China is host to the world’s largest market for amusement attractions!

Cities Facts

Chief Development Officer, Michael Kitchen, took a week long trip to the world’s most populated country, attending meetings with suppliers and representatives of banking and government.

The conversations focused on the future of Chinese amusement destinations, and the potential of building ThrillCorp attractions at premier entertainment locations around the country.

Michael shares a few highlights of his trip below:

“First, the weather was extraordinary during my visit to Shanghai and other cities around China. A good omen for business to come!”

China Presentation

“I was able to host several meetings were hosted during my trip. At each meeting, the conference room was filled with over a dozen Chinese developers and amusement park owners for formal presentations introducing ThrillCorp and our incredible attractions, the Polercoaster and SkySpire.”

“We are now in discussions with several large Chinese park developers for Polercoasters, and we made terrific progress with two amusement parks in China.”

Client 1 China

The ThrillCorp team is very excited about the opportunities and projects both in the US and abroad. Stay updated on our progress by signing up for the #OwnTheThrill email newsletter!


The Future of Theme Parks, ThrillCorp YouTube Video Channel

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