What Do You Call A Roller Coaster and Merry-Go-Round?

Make Way For UniCoaster 2.0

As the Polercoaster and SkySpire projects continue to develop, the ThrillCorp team is still innovating the next generation of thrill rides!

UniCoaster 2.0 Testing

The UniCoaster (developed by our partner company, US Thrill Rides) provides a rider-controlled experience that spins in a circle, with all the of a loops, turns, and thrills of a roller coaster at a fraction of the cost.

The current version of the thrill ride is a major hit at the Nickelodeon Park at the Mall of the Americas in Bloomington, MN.

ThrillCorp is currently evaluating the next version of the UniCoaster attraction, dubbed the UniCoaster 2.0. The new improvements will allow for increased capacity, easier operations, lower operating costs, more flexibility in layout, and lower investment cost. The goal will be to include this sibling product at Polercoaster anchored projects around the globe!


UniCoaster Product Page, designed by US Thrill Rides

Nickelodeon Universe, Mall of America Attraction Page

UniCoaster Demo Testing, by manufacturer Chance Rides Manufacturing


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