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Together, ThrillCorp’s three principals bring more than 75 years of attractions-specific knowledge and success to bear. The team is led by ThrillCorp’s Chairman, Bill Kitchen – a renowned inventor and creator of two wildly successful prior attractions that generated more than $2 billion in revenue. He is joined by Chief Executive Officer, David Gust, who brings a broad background of knowledge and experience from The Walt Disney Company, Hard Rock Café International, and Hilton Worlwide. Michael Kitchen, ThrillCorp’s Chief Development Officer and Bill’s son, has extensive experience in Bill’s earlier ventures and a track record of entrepreneurship and market development in the simulation industry.

Bill Kitchen / Chairman, Inventioneer

Bill Kitchen is a serial inventor with multiple patents to his name. He has created attractions that have gone on to become new categories of entertainment. Most notable of these are the SkyCoaster and SkyVenture (now known as iFly) which have cumulatively hosted millions of riders and generated over $2 billion in revenues.

SkyCoaster is a patented giant free-fall swing suspended from arch supports climbing 100 to 300 feet into the sky. Devised as a safer and more reliable drop experience than bungee jumping, SkyCoaster provided high thrills in an attraction that has an impressive safety record. The rides were the first add-on attractions within many theme parks, proving to operators that guests would pay additional fees over and above normal admissions prices for unique experiences. Bill profitably sold the company and patent rights after developing several units and proving their value. Ultimately some 120 SkyCoasters were developed across the globe. Many are still in operation a quarter-century later, and continue thrill riders on a daily basis.

iFly is an indoor skydiving attraction that suspends guests in a current of air that very accurately simulates skydiving. Bill’s love of skydiving led him to create an experience opening the market to the risk averse. The attraction draws a great leisure audience, but the realistic nature of the experience has created strong usage by avid skydivers wishing to perfect their technique. iFly also has an impressive safety track record. The attraction is currently available in 42 major markets with many more on the way.

Bill’s other inventions include the UniCoaster, which is currently thrilling riders as the top rated ride known as “Brain Surge” in the Nickelodeon park at the Mall of America. SkyView, an elegant reinvention of the Ferris Wheel that allows creativity in the shape of the wheel in a more space-efficient model, has been superceded by the SkySpire observation product.

Polercoaster and SkySpire are his most recent patented attractions. ThrillCorp licenses development rights for the Polercoaster and Skyspire from US Thrill Rides LLC.

Bill continues to focus on development. His formula for success is to create rides that are 1. Safe, 2. Profitable, 3. Patentable, and 4. Safe.

David Gust / Chief Executive Officer

David Gust is a veteran executive with over 30 years of experience in product development, finance, operations, marketing and general innovation for world-class companies including the Walt Disney Company, Hard Rock Café, and Hilton Worldwide. David brings 14 years of ground-up experience at Disney in the areas of finance, strategic planning and development for Walt Disney World, Disney Development Company, and Walt Disney Imagineering during Disney’s transformational period under Eisner and Wells leadership. At Hard Rock (4 years) he was VP of Global Marketing and New Ventures with responsibility for marketing of 104 cafes spread across 32 countries David also handled global brand management, and development of non-café businesses to broaden the company beyond restaurants. At Hilton Worldwide (9 years) David served as the VP of Marketing for the company’s highly successful timeshare division where he was responsible for direct marketing, brand management, strategic data and CRM, online marketing, and general marketing management. David also serves as CEO of US Thrill Rides, LLC.

Michael Kitchen / Chief Development Officer

Michael Kitchen joined the family business during his college years, where he served as VP of Sales for the company. Michael was highly successful selling amusement attractions throughout the world. After the company was sold, Michael went on to become VP of Sales for IES Ltd., a military simulation & training technology company based in Colorado, where he was responsible for selling military training simulation technologies around the globe. During his tenure, he traveled to and sold high-tech training simulation systems to military, police, SWAT and special operations units in over 80+ countries. He then went on to become a founding member of VirTra Systems, where he served as Partner / SVP of Sales and Business Development, helping grow the business from start-up to an industry leader in military training. In 2010, Michael rejoined the family business with Bill as a founding partner of US Thrill Rides. Currently, Michael also serves as President of US Thrill Rides. Michael has successfully used his extensive business development and marketing expertise to attract potential customers, partnering developers, and equity investors that are often required to build US Thrill Rides multi-million dollar attractions sites.