A new vision for retail entertainment


ThrillCorp is delivering a new vision for retail entertainment anchored by IP and driven by experience

Innovative Product

Thrillocity is a supercenter of entertainment at a scale that instantly differentiates from anything on the market. Fun, repeatable, all-season, convenient, affordable and appealing to a wide audience. The new IP-protected anchor for ailing retail real estate.

Attractive Economics

Program flexibility enables facilities that range from 70,000 to 120,000 square feet with investments from the low $40M to $60M to match attendence potential of each market. Revenues from $20M to $50M derive ATCF of $3-12M generating ROE IRRs ranging from 15-40%+.

Substantial Market Opportunity

Thrillocity may be adapted to each market's unique characteristics. Sizing and composition are designed to create the category killer in each market. The iconic Thrillocity tower creates instant, constant and cost-effective marketing awareness in all markets.

Experienced Team

Entertainment industry veterans. Prior efforts created two new attractions categories generating hundreds of millions of riders and approximately $2 billion in revenues (Skycoaster and iFly). Provides turnkey development and operations.


Thrillocity combines the best features of industry leaders in one supercenter of fun.

Thrillocity takes inspiration from the best ideas and practices across mul1ple category leaders to create the ultimate interactive entertainment center.

An all-weather mini theme park that can be located in the heart of markets. The perfect one-stop entertainment solution for large mall owners.


The ultimate destination for a good time

  • Vibrant, fresh, inviting, and fun
  • Designed for adults
  • Fun for kids
  • Variety of repeatable activities
  • 1 to 4 hour stay
  • Great for parties
  • Great food

A big-box of fun

100,000 square foot supercenter of entertainment

Full-thrill 250 to 300 foot tall mega coaster (patented)

230 to 320 foot drop ride

Unicoaster interactive family coaster (patented)

30,000 square feet of high-speed electric karting (flex event space)

8 to 12 lanes of boutique bowling

Motion platform interactive 7D theater

100 advanced simulators and video games

Climbing walls and overhead ropes course

Assorted competitive challenges

180 seat casual dining restaurant and snack counter

4-6 mezzanine party rooms (optional)

Six big Thrillocity advantages


Instant critical mass

Attention-grabbing scale that immediately differentiates. Iconic tower drives market awareness.


Year-around appeal

Rain, shine, hot, or cold. Thrillocity is always comfortable.


Highly repeatable

Interactive, competitive and thrilling every time. Variety of activites provides something for everyone.


Location, location, location

Small real estate footprint and zoning compatibility of enclosure allow placement in a variety of greenfield, infill and retrofit sites. Substantial entertainment anchor drives value of surrounding property.


Attractive economics

Affordable family experience. Low fixed operating costs, high operating margins. Low investment relative to a theme park. Low delivery risk; Gmax pricing from a national contractor. IRR in excess of 30%.


Proprietary elements

IP on tall coaster and other key rides limits competitive options. Enclosed vertical tower is a powerful marketing platform.